Video marketing: Is hiring a videographer worth the cost?

Should you hire an in-house videographer or should you hire a production company?

In this video, Alex will weight the pros and cons of both options so you can make the best decision for your business.

This video will cover:

1. Weighing the Pros & Cons (0:20) – Pros: COMFORT – A dedicated videographer means they are part of your team. That means they will have a much better rapport with everyone in your company. That means people won't be nervous when being filmed/interviewed by this videographer. Thus, making it easier to capture genuine content. SPEED -Content can be produced much faster and more frequently because they will be more familiar with your team, style, culture, mission, and the tone of your company. KNOWLEDGE – Your videographer is embedded within your organization. They will know your business better than any third party, outsourced, production company. Cons: TIME – The process of hiring and training a new team member can take a lot of time. Outsourced production can happen immediately. BAD FIT – unfortunately, you could make the wrong hire and place someone that isn't a good culture fit. They may also not have the skills or abilities necessary to do their job well. COMPANY PRIORITY – conflicting internal priorities and strategies can make it easy for your dedicated videographer to get distracted from creating content that actually makes a difference. It's crucial to align with your entire team or you may be wasting valuable time and money.
2. How much does an in-house videographer cost? (1:50) – adding a new team member isn't cheap and you may not have budgeted for that. Reversely, production companies can be pricey as well and those invoices can seriously add up over time. In this segment, we talk numbers.
3. Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: Ballpark Numbers (3:57)

This video is based upon a really excellent piece of content written by IMPACT's VP of Sales, Melanie Collins. Her article has a lot more detail, insights, and opinions from other video experts like Zach Basner. Check it out!

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