How Video Marketing helped me Grow my Business and increase YouTube presence. I use Animaker

This is a video review of #Animaker. This is not sponsorship. No one paid me to create this review. I’ve decided to do a video review because… well, because I’ve used Animaker to create animated explainer videos for my insurance agency and this benefited both my agency and my YouTube channel. Most of my clients are reaching out to me after they have watched one of my explainer videos on YouTube. I will explain how this platform helped me scale up my insurance agency and cut the #advertising cost in half.

1. So, firstly, Animaker platform allowed me to use my creativity and explain a complicated insurance terminology in a simple, easy to understand and fun to watch way. At first it took me a few weeks to learn all the ins and outs of the software. It was not complicated, but I’ve certainly screw up a few videos with louder than normal audio, adding multiple characters at once and so on. But practice makes it perfect, so in no time I’ve mastered the software and started creating high quality content and superb presentations for my clients.
2. Now, I have to say that I have no artistic skills, or engineer training and I have no experience in product design and so on, but I am a fast learner and have the curiosity to learn new things! So, this platform was a very good tool for me to create content myself at a low budget and use the creative part of my brain in between boring insurance work!
3. Animaker offers lots of tutorials, but for those who never read instructions and want to figure things out by experimenting – you can just start right away and learn as you go. There is nothing to download and you can even start and learn with a free version and move on to a paid one when you ready. Which is exactly what I did.
4. The pricing structure of Animaker is pretty affordable with no surprises and hidden costs. I’ve started with the basic package and as I’ve mastered the trade moved on with their starter and pro version, which allows more features, longer videos.
5. Now, I have to say that by incorporating this into my marketing plan, I was able to save lots of money on advertising. In the past I was spending money left and right on various ads that did not bring the return on investment. Now, after I create a video explainer and post it on YouTube I am able to see myself the analytics and the return on investment increased big time!
6. This is ideal presentation software for business, education, marketing or personal! Definitely recommend this to people who are self-employed or are promoting their own business and have a limited budget on advertising. It does pay off!
7. Now, on a hiccups… I’ve been using the software for a while and when the company transitioned to the new version I was not able to easily get access to one of my old videos. I just could not download it. To my surprise, the tech support manually retrieved the video and resolved the issue within 1 day! This personal approach and the fact that someone at the company actually cared to help me get back my content made me their loyal customer forever! I am very thankful and this inspired me to return the favor and create this review!
8. If you would like to explore my content that I created using Animaker, please visit my YouTube channel!
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