The 10 BEST Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021

SEM Rush


00:00 INTRO
01:50 – Teachable Affiliate Program
02:56 Amazon Affiliate Program
04:50 BlueHost Affiliate Program
06:08 Fiverr Affiliate Program
08:12 ConvertKit Affiliate Program
10:25 Kajabi Affiliate Program
12:49 Wix Affiliate Program
15:21 SEM Rush Affiliate Program
17:08 Sellfy Affiliate Program
18:25 Tubebuddy Affiliate Program



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Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and YouTube Certified Educator. He is the founder of Awesome Creator Academy and host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast.

Roberto Blake helps entrepreneurs and social media influencers, through educational videos on YouTube, motivational content on Instagram and career development advice on LinkedIn, as well as offering 1 on 1 Coaching and a Group Coaching Program.

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100 thoughts on “The 10 BEST Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021

  1. Roberto is a BOSS! 👏🏾 Content on  here is really practical and actionable- I've taken on alot of this advice and jumped out my comfort zone to start earning more passive income through this and other methods…. Have Even started my own YouTube channel to chart my progress and lessons learned. Thanks for all the great content! Ps new UK subscriber here 😇👏🏾

  2. Tesla's affiliate program is interesting too. But I'd say Tube Buddy, Blue Host, Wix, Amazon, fiverr, you have any VPN like TorGuard? Also is Skillshare a competitor to Teachable and is there affiliate program just as good?

  3. very informative video as always I've Got quite a while Before I do any Affiliate marketing to be honest I Guess I'd start with amazon . I didn't know wix and fiverr had a program so that could be interesting in the future at some point thanks Roberto always Solid

  4. Has no one ever told you that you don't look directly at the camera? And your hands are mostly folded and your body tilted away from the camera. These small things bother me a lot and I can't help but mention them. Just subscribed by the way, you're giving some real value.

  5. Fantastic video as always and this came out just at the right time, I actually used your promo code today to upgrade my TubeBuddy account 😉 thanks for all of your videos and tips, you have been an integral part of my growth just passing 60K subs …so thank you 🙏🏻

  6. Great list! Amazon Associates was one i was being lazy about till recently. Then, I fired off 3 videos with bounty links, and boom!

    A couple of the platforms, I’ve never used and one I’d never heard of (Sellfy). The platform I enjoy most is Rev. It’s sadly feast or famine with them for me. Some months, I’ll get a handful of referrals and others I get just one. It’s very unpredictable for me.

  7. Hello Cool Roberto, I found your video through suggested videos when browsing. Your videos are very informative & helpful.
    I just made a Youtube Channel, trying to figure out & doing my research.
    Thanks for all your help. Keep it up & more power! just subbed!

  8. Thanks for the advice & tips… as always you come across as genuinely wanting to help us small channel guys out and the trust continues to build… as a former yacht & ship captain focusing on "Stories from the Sea" channel not necessarily for business, but I can see how I might be able to monetize my videos by using affiliate marketing when considering all of the products & services that are connected to "boating"… and USCG certification & licensing courses as well! Thanks for the insight, Roberto!

  9. I really enjoy your content.
    I wanted to let you know that your ad is playing at the beginning of your video, I did this last night and today. I am already subscribed.
    I don’t know if you can say something to google ads about that but if you didn’t mean for that to be happening, it’s wasting your ad dollars since those people watching you already know you & are subscribed 😬

  10. Roberto, your videos have helped me SO much! Thank you for sharing. I have a question: My videos take some time to make due to having to do research and other things. So making one video per week and releasing it on Tuesdays works well for me. But sometimes a subject comes up I can address quickly so I put out an extra video on Friday or Saturday in addition to my Tuesday postings. I might do this once or twice a month and perhaps more. But I always put out a Tuesday video every week without fail.

    I was wondering if this "inconsistency" affects the youtube algorithm in a negative way. Should I post only once a week if I can't post every Saturday? Is it better to post the extra Saturday videos even if I don't post every Saturday?

  11. Awesome video as always but question how do I get these links out there for ppl to click on other than in videos like this for example tubebuddy how do you advertise these other than talking about them in certain videos??? Please help

  12. I don't know if anyone will be able to answer this for me. I’m interested in becoming an affiliate marketer using clickbank. I live in Jamaica. The only concern I have is how I would go ahead in paying the necessary taxes. Is it that I would just go to my local tax office or is there a different procedure ?

  13. I believe you and the people at Think Media would be a good fit. Both of your channels work to helping others in the creators field. As you asked who to work with? I would say, talk to Think Media about a collaboration video.

  14. Which affiliate program am I thinking of using? I would say Tubebuddy Affiliate Program. I have been using them for every video I post. It's a great tool. As you have mentioned, we should promote those great programs we use ourselves.

  15. As someone who owns a brick and morter. This is some slimy business from the get go. I spent YEARS trying to keep the kid down the street from mimicking my real business. Your not helping them get that spot your stealing it via optimization. In fact under Google rules you are breaking them. disgusting misuse of internet. How many are not in top 3 while you WAIT for someone to pay your fee? Hitech mob tactic. pay us or we make your business go away.

  16. I wish Teachable was better… they deleted 3/4 of the content of my signature course (I know I should have created a backup but I created the content on the go), and I had my payments disappear twice! Besides that, their support team is awful. Their affiliate program might be attractive, yes, but they must improve their service! Specially when you’re paying 99 dollars per month!

  17. have to say you made me laugh when you mention god forbid we lose our sense of humor, lol think a lot of people forgot what that is.
    wow, on Tubebuddy…. had no idea…. I have a lot of work ahead of me that's for sure.

  18. Hi, Roberto! I enjoy you video and I have been subscribed to your channel but I messaging you to ask, Would it be ok, if I post some if your videos on my Facebook Page. I know that my Facebook followers would enjoy your video just like me. Thank you!

  19. Roberto….I really enjoy watching you. Im very proud of ur dedication and success. Im almost 60 and raising a couplecof grandchildren through no fault of their own. Im so confused….ive been looking and watching ( between cooking, cleaning….raising children) what do you recommend for me? I know you said itd not fast or easy but I could usevur help. It takes money to raise children when I THOUGHT I was ready to retire. Thanks. Ur an asset to young men everywhere!!!