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If you are going to have a shop – it should be a corner one. If you wish to have more customers on the Internet – you should appear in the first position on Google!

We are Optimystica and since 2006 we have ranked sites to the #1 position on Google. We have done that for the sites of Bulgaria Air, Allianz, Sport Depot and 300 other small and large companies in Bulgaria, USA and Great Britain. We bring them their customers by positioning them on the first place in Google.

Do you know where is the best place to hide a corpse? On the second page on Google. This is because 90% of the people search only on the first page. Each year online sales grow by more than 25% but if you are not on the first page it is as if you are not on the Internet.

More visitors, increased sales and higher positions on Google – 100% of the sites we are working for achieve all three of them. That’s why we are optimists that we will make this for your site, too.
When we start working we will analyze your customers, competitors and your site in order to create your individual strategy for optimization based on 252 key points. All of them are described in the book RANK #1 ON GOOGLE – the only book about SEO in Bulgaria published by Optimystica.
You will have a team of project managers, copywriters, link builders and SEO experts working for you. But if you prefer, we can teach you how to optimize your site by yourself.

Imagine that you want to buy a pink snorkel. How are you going to find it? Are you going to wait to see a pink snorkel on a billboard? Are you going to wait to see an ad for a pink snorkel on Facebook? No – you are simply going Google it! Google is for those who do not wait, for those who know what they are looking for! This is the most important channel for your advertisement! This is the only way to get those customers who are looking for your exact product for the purpose of purchase.

And now, the greatest surprise – what do you think is the most profitable business in the world? It is not Apple or Amazon. For the past year, Google Ads have earned 79,4 billion dollars. These are your money and the money of all small and large businesses that pay Google in order to attract customers. But … do you click on the Google ads? Only 15% of people do that and the remaining… Those 85% of the tens of thousands of customers that look for your product or service on Google are exactly your people! It is them that we are going to bring directly to your site so that they will buy from you and not from someone else. And this is without paying Google for that.

Contact us now at +359 884 725 333 or to get free advice and SEO analysis of your site worth 300 BGN. We will show you how your site will be central in the Internet sales mall. With Optimystica, your site could also rank #1 on Google.


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