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In this tutorial, I give an introduction to SEO and explain common SEO basics and some of the history with SEO. SEO is the common practice of doing good-practice techniques to help your website rank in Google's search results. The higher your website ranks, the more traffic your site will get, and likely the more money you will make.

There are two very important factors that go into SEO. The first is the keywords that are on your website and individual pages. And the second factor is how many other sites link to your site and how authoritative those sites are.

The keywords you use on your website and individual pages are part of SEO basics and need to be included in an introduction to SEO. The keywords are important because Google will most likely rank your site for those particular keywords. And keywords that people use in search are very interesting because they tell us about the intent of the user. Essentially the person who is searching is telling us what exactly they want at the time that they need it. So if your site can satisfy what the searcher needs, you can convert that person to a buyer.

In addition to SEO keywords, the other part of SEO basics and something that should be included in an introduction to SEO are the links pointing from other site to your site are very important as well. Google looks at all the links across the web and tries to determine whether which websites have the most links pointing to them. Sites with more links are seen more authoritative, and typically rank higher.

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