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6 Reasons Why Authors Don't Build Email Lists

We know that email marketing (aka list building, building a list) is the #1 way to increase book sales for authors. Yet so few authors get started with email marketing.

This video looks at the reasons people have for not starting their own email lists and easy ways to overcome them.

It also mentions a course that I have put together with book marketing expert Cathy Presland. Email Marketing for Authors is a great course if you need help in getting to know the jargon, setting up the technology, deciding how to come up with the idea for a lead magnet (the ‘freebie' you give away to get people to join your list), what to write in emails, and more. One of the most popular sections of the course, so far, is the one where we show you how to create fancy PDFs, that look really great.

You can join the course for just $10 in August using this code: em4ayt

Enter it at

Whether you join the course or not, don't put off starting your list – it's a really powerful tool and easy to do once you get the hang of it.


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