NEW on TipRanks: Website Traffic Analysis!

We’re excited to announce our newest feature designed to boost your research power – website traffic analysis.

Institutional investors spend millions of dollars on tools that analyze the digital performance of publicly traded companies. With TipRanks, you can access this data for free and easily incorporate it into your stock research. As with all our features, the data is presented in a visual and simplified way. It is our latest tool that levels the playing field for investors, giving you the same research power as the biggest asset managers. The data is provided by Semrush, who generates the most accurate estimation of website traffic on the market.

There are two ways you can use website traffic data in your research:
1. As part of your stock analysis, the Website Traffic tab lets you easily track the web activity of publicly traded companies. This is particularly powerful ahead of earnings and enables you to predict how online consumer activity may affect the next report.
2. As part of your search for new investment ideas, the Website Traffic Screener presents you with the companies with the highest increase in their website activity, as well as the those that are experiencing the biggest drops.


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