My Side Hustle Failures (Etsy, Affiliate Marketing, etc…)

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In this video, I cover a few experiments I started that didn't make the cut! Should I try any of these again? Let me know in the comments below.

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100 thoughts on “My Side Hustle Failures (Etsy, Affiliate Marketing, etc…)

  1. do a thrifting challenge. Go to second hand stores, buy used clothes or over finds and then resell them online. I have found some super expensive items before for less than $10 (which I now use) but have always been interested to see what it could sell for If I made it a business

  2. $0-$10k seems like a really cool series and would like to see a full episode.

    Definitely sounds like a video that would be shot out over a span of time. But would cover different entry levels of investing at the same time.

  3. Making money from things you enjoy is a win/win. Translating the passion into profits takes skill and luck. Teamwork can play a critical role too. I have experienced a profound loss recently and decided to organize a GoFundMe fundraiser. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your video and really appreciate you sharing your experiences and your cool presenting style. I’m just finding my feet and by no means am I trying to become a YouTube star, I simply like to share some of what I do so those who do follow my brand Moth Creaturae on Instagram can have a more personal experience with me. Looking forward to seeing your next videos. 💀🖤

  5. Funny enough I started this music video idea you just showed a few month ago. And the reason for this is because I started watching your videos and got inspired! Thanks a lot, I will continue the hustle!

  6. I got out of poker 6 years ago and at that point bots were just starting to get really good, but also the skill level for the average poker player is extremely high now. If you arent running software calculating odds and frequencies of your opponents and dont know the ins and outs of GTO poker youre most likely gonna get crushed.

  7. Hey man Great Video! It would be quite cool if you can revisit the Presets at some point and try to make them work. I am not sure that Etsy is the best place for LR Presets!!!

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing these experiments. I personally struggle with when to throw in the towel, and can end up persevering far longer than I should have actually just cut my losses and moved on. So it was nice to see you start and try many things. I think you could do well doing (legal) online poker. But also, braaaaa you squeeze so much value out of the time you have if you're able to do so many things (amongs a lot of of screen stuff I'm sure!!!). It might be interesting for your viewers to talk about that a bit – maybe some key lessons or life / time management concepts you put into practice to support yourself in making money online. Thanks for the video!

  9. Imagen being a girl who have sex with this guy. Hearing that monolog voice in your ear whispering "in todays session you will learn how to not trade options" . I mean they probably love it.. who ever he dates.

  10. Having googled 'Wallter Bulls copy' you can find a really cool persona. He made a fortune for himself a couple of years ago. In recent times, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of experts. This guy demonstrates how to copy him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise

  11. not enough people talk about the value of failure, leading novices to believe that missing success is evidence of a lack of innate talent. Thanks for making this, its good mind tonic.

    second thing: how many trading platforms do you use, anyway?

  12. Love the video! Regarding the poker side hustle, the game of poker (especially online) has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and it has become very hard to make a living or any decent money (or any money at all) from poker nowadays without investing considerable time to studying and improving at the game. Regarding the bots, the website you mentioned has gotten a lot of hate because of "bots" but in all likelihood it's just people who are better at the game. The technology has improved vastly over the last few years in terms of detecting these bots. Good luck with any future hustles!

  13. I run a handful of etsy shops that sell digital products and one tip i have for you is to have more than 10 products in your shop so people have options. that typically leads to more sales within the first month! I just started another one 3 weeks ago that sells templates for entrepreneurs (ebooks, ig carousels, etc) and it has 325 sales!

  14. Mmm.. lets see, creating digital hyperlinked planners that clients purchase and open through a PDF annotation app and then edit using a stylus on a device such as a tablet or iphone/android. Selling these Digital Planners via Etsy.

  15. I would like for you to buy one of these guru guides, follow all of their instructions, launch your drop shipping store and get fiverr to design, ads, website, etc.

    than do that for 60 days to give it an honest effort.

  16. Thanks for your honesty. This video is the perfect depiction of the reality of making money online as opposed to what all these greedy internet gurus try to make us believe. The truth is, that it's not easy, at all. And at times it can be so frustrating. Making money online in my opinion is not for the weak minded and those looking to get rich quick. You gotta become a hustling TITAN if you wanna make it in this industry.

  17. That first challenge, the $0-$10k one seems like a hella cool challenge especially when you played the existing recordings of it!! Hope to see it happen eventually on the channel, it definitely doesn't belong in the video graveyard! Hah
    EDIT: Damn, what a coincidence. I've actually just started a music "reuploading" channel based around lofi chillhop music too lol. Also made a random redbubble shop months ago which has actually done decently for the amount of time I put into it. Going to work on a dropshipping shop with Wix next, it's fun trying these different ways to make money online, and oh-so-rewarding when some of them work out and accumulate to a little paycheck when combined. Many similarities, and so relatable.