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Do you know the importance of SEO? Why you should learn SEO? Watch this video to know about the importance of SEO. In this video, Imran Shafi SEO coach is telling you about Search Engine Optimization with best learning approaches and techniques. Don’t you worry about how to learn SEO quickly and easily! Take Imran Shafi’s guide on The Skill Sets and start learning SEO with the comprehensive SEO training online. The skill sets offers you best Search Engine Optimization Tips and guides to make you a confident SEO guy. If you want professional Search Engine Optimization Training, then visit the link below:

Search Engine Optimization Course:

Take Free SEO tips and guides by Imran Shafi and learn about what is web traffic and how to generate web traffic on your online store. If you want more traffic to your website or YouTube channel, then you should learn SEO, because SEO is the best way to generate traffic on your web property.

If we talk about the web traffic, there are 2 major types of web traffic; Organic traffic and paid traffic. Organic traffic is also called free traffic. This is the web traffic that webmasters earns through search engines against particular keywords, search terms or search queries. On the other hand, there is Paid traffic. In the world of digital marketing, paid traffic is that type of web traffic that we receive in response of our paid campaigns on FB, Google Adword etc.

If a business owner wants to increase his Return on investment, then he should focus on organic traffic. So, for how to increase Sale on the internet, organic traffic is the best way. Organic web traffic will also satisfy your problems regarding how to minimize cost and increase revenue.

So, if you have any type of business and don’t have an online presence, you are making a big mistake. Just create an online store and make your revenue double. If you are confused about how to create online store, you can get help from someone professional in the field. You can get the services of an IT company or an individual freelancer to create a website for you.

Do you have a YouTube channel? If not, then go online and learn how to create YouTube channel. After setting it up, your next concern will be about how to optimized YouTube channel and for making this satisfied, Imran Shafi is creating such exceptional videos on the skill sets YouTube channel. Just keep watching the videos here and learn tips to optimize your videos.

Here you can find some of the popular SEO videos by Imran Shafi to learn SEO step by step.

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SEO Training Videos by Imran Shafi:

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