How To Make Money Online With ( Reddit )

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How To Make Money Online With ( Reddit )

Advertise Companies Through Official Reddit Accounts Earning potential: averaging around $50,000 a year Many official brand and celebrity accounts are run by someone hired to fill the role and use the name as a type of advertising. Much like what Wendys does on Twitter, your job under this position would be to reply to things in the same mood as the company or celebrity’s personality and garner attention through this. Some companies and celebrities would require you also to run their Twitter, Instagram, and possibly TikTok accounts, but that depends on what the company asks of you. Nevertheless, this can be an excellent source of income and allows you to play around on social media for most of the day. Be aware that there are NDAs most of these personalities would have you sign, so it’s not a job where you’ll get to be yourself or tell someone who you work for. What Red Flags Should You Avoid? Unfortunately, there have been scams that users should avoid if they want to make sure they make money instead of losing it. If a job listing looks too good to be real or requires you to give them your financial information: don’t trust it. Although we have to give our financial information to our corporate jobs, these are companies we trust and recognize. Giving that information to an unknown person can lead to your account getting emptied. Therefore, it’s a good idea to require all payments through Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo until you’re more comfortable with them. Some people posing as brands have offered to buy high-ranked accounts for advertising, but when people hand over the accounts, they quickly realize they’ve been scammed, or the payment didn’t clear. This can lead to a loss of years of hard work on an account, which is hard to regain. In general, don’t trust strangers with any information that you wouldn’t post publicly.

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