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100 thoughts on “Earn $1,000 Working ONE Hour a Day | Easiest Affiliate Marketing Strategy (100% FREE)

  1. That is a great video Alan. Do I have to be an Amazon affiliate to get paid when someone purchases the Amazon woodworking tools, or I get paid automatically just by creating that Kit. Please advise. Thank you again for your consistency and dedication. God Bless You

  2. But Amazon have made it quite difficult to be an affiliate with them, you need a website, and they put you on a probationary period in which you have to make a certain amount of sales, can this still work within those rules?.

  3. My goal is to make much more than the $1200 a month I am currently making at my present job(the majority of which goes to bills like vehicle insurance and fuel). I've been homeless for going on 4 years now(lucky enough to be able to live in my vehicle instead of on the street), but I would really like to be able to make enough so I'm not worrying about where my next meal is coming from or what will I do if my vehicle needs a costly repair. I'm hoping I can start making $1000 a week…at least to start anyway. Here's hoping for better days 😉😁

  4. Hi, I Love Your Step By Step Videos. When Putting Together An Ad For Instructables And Kit How Do You Implement The Editing Part Where You Can Add Bold Sentences, Adding Your Affiliate Links Etc Cuz I Never Saw That Like You Showed? Thanks, Kim

  5. Thanks for this wonderful detailed tutorial on Instructables. I remember you created a similar video earlier too. Just a quick question do we need to have Amazon Afffiliate account to get the affiliate links? My goal is 5 days a week. $500/week. 2-5k/month.

  6. Do we have to be amazon affiliates to get paid as you mentioned in the video Allen when advertising Amazon products and I just want to quote this from their website7: If you have NOT connected a Geniuslink account with your Kit profile you can still affiliate all of your links, but it’s important to note that 75% of the clicks on all non-Amazon links will be affiliated with your connected IDs. Kit’s own “in-house” affiliate IDs will be inserted for 25% of the clicks to your non-Amazon links which is used to help our platform generate the additional revenue needed to keep Kit maintained and free for all users. Does this mean they only pay 75% out on your non-Amazon links just need clarity. Thanks.

  7. hi Alan! the way you come with these awesome ideas and teach everything step by step that's really amazing and i really appreciate what you doing so the question you ask about how much i want as much i can get but i would like to put 3-5 hrs a day and like to make $350 – $700 a days and a week around $2000 – $3500 and willing to put 20-30 hrs a week and put some more extra effects if it's start growing need to be financial free if something i can get like that then i be all in and make it work just need your help and guidance 😍😘😍👍👍

  8. I have a product already I am trying to promote a high-ticket a program and get conversions . Do you have a video on that. I'm tired of going from thing to thing I want to start off with being successful in one thing and then go to another program my upline has already made $450,000 with this thing and I can't get it going for some reason so do you have a video to help me thanks.

  9. I'm from West Africa Sierra Leone to be precise, I'm I qualify to do the affiliate business? Because I have tried too many website to make money it didn't work. I don't know if it has to do with my location.