DEVASTATED 😟 I WAS WRONG About Clickbank and Making Money Online (Affiliate Marketing in 2021)


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26 thoughts on “DEVASTATED 😟 I WAS WRONG About Clickbank and Making Money Online (Affiliate Marketing in 2021)

  1. Would you advise someone who currently has only a limited balance of 'about sixty dollars' to run an advertising campaign with it? Or is it not recommended because the attempt may require repetition dozens of times?

  2. Hi, Dave! I was wondering to ask you do you think it'll be a good idea promoting high gravity, very competitive and popular product who allow brand bidding, but rather than bidding on the product name , instead bidding only on the product name + buying keywords for example ( biofit buy, biofit buy online, biofit price , biofit order and etc) A few sales a month will be enough for me at the start. Also I was wondering to ask you about the direct linking – Is true that only one person can direct to the sales/offer page regardless of the keywords he is using ? I really appreciate your help! Thank you! Sorry If have grammar mistakes.

  3. first of all, we'll always remember your channel dave.

    spot on with regard to the topic since my last campaign with THIS product i had 1.8k impressions, 48 clicks and 0 conversions. using a direct linking method…

    i believe this approach would be more easier for a customer to buy the product, rather than watching the entire video again. biofit's vsl has a "hidden" button that would redirect you to the sales page, which is its not really accessible imo. thanks for this dave!

  4. Dear Sir,
    Please help me 🥺 . Sir I really want to make money through Affliate marketing . I have found a weight loss product and I want to Affliate it successfully .I dont have a good budget , I only have 40$ . Sir I wanted to run ads on Facebook but unfortunately Facebook is always disabling my ad account . I have not violated any Facebook policy . Sir can you please say me some place where I can run ads and get atleast 1 sale . Please reply Sir. 🥺

    Sir if you know how to run proper ads on Facebook please make a video on it 🙏.

  5. VSL : Best for the cold audience to convert into the sales by letting them know about the product completely through VSL.

    TSL : Best for the warm audience who knows about the product already and ready to purchase. In this case a kind of "Product Review Page" or "Default TSL" (if direct linking in bing) would be the best option.

  6. dave is there any problems with bing ads these days I had 3 campaigns working fine but suddenly i don't get any impressions or clicks. it has been a week and still the same problem, i contacted support but did not resolve my problem so I decided to delete all my campaigns and i have been started a new campaign about 40 hours ago and still not get any impressions do you have any ideas where is the problem?

  7. I have lost a few sales because of the same thing! These videos on those clickbank weight sales page are to darn long. I have a few subscribers who emailed me to say they didn't have the time to watch those long type videos. So i had to send them to the text version of the sales page. Some video sales page offer the option to view the text version of the sales pages so that might be the answer.

  8. Hello dave
    I have a question about brand bidding :
    The majority of the supplements on ClickBank don’t allow brand bidding so what is the solution? Also What confuses me is that I have seen affiliates doing brand bidding on google ads they just make a landing page before they redirect the customer to the sales page so is this a solution to do brand bidding campaigns?