Create an Affiliate Marketing Website With the Kadence Theme!


The Kadence theme is a powerful, feature rich theme that is free to use and has no real limitations built in beyond not being able to change the body font size. Otherwise, you can create a very professional website that your friends will think you paid hundreds of dollars for.

In addition to the theme, this is a complete WordPress website setup tutorial. That means I'll show you how to get a shared hosting account, a domain name from a domain registrar, how to install WordPress and professional design techniques you'll love.

If you've been looking to create a cost effective WordPress website to engage in affiliate marketing and running display advertising this tutorial video is for you.

💻 W E B H O S T I N G

► Bluehost is the #1 recommended web host by WordPress:

🚀 D O M A I N N A M E S

► I suggest Namecheap as the registrar to get your domains. Low prices, low renewal rates, free WHOIS protection:

🕒 T I M E S T A M P S

Want to jump to a specific section in this Kadence theme tutorial? You can do so by using the timestamps below:

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00:00 Website Setup
07:42 WordPress Installation
23:22 Hero image / call to action / Featured In
36:21 Visual Menu
46:25 Blog Posts / Email
53:10 Logo / Menu / Button
01:02:38 Footer Design / Favicon
01:12:54 About and Contact Pages
01:18:40 Legal Pages
01:20:41 Blog Design
01:36:37 Affiliate Marketing
01:50:42 Display Ads
01:57:48 Optimize for Mobile / On Page SEO final touches
02:02:25 Subscribe!

► How to make money blogging, a detailed high level guide for beginners:

►The free, and simply amazing Kadence theme used in this tutorial:

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16 thoughts on “Create an Affiliate Marketing Website With the Kadence Theme!

  1. Kadence is pretty dang impressive. Totally free and you could easily sell this type of website for a few hundred dollars on Fiverr. Anyways, if you enjoyed the video hit that like button and have a productive week everyone.

  2. Been research foor some time, probably the best video I've seen. Question, is it better to have niche websites focusing on one particular area, for example smart devices, or would you have a blog that covers lots of different areas?

  3. Hi, you say to scale down Unsplash images to like 800 x 800 for use in featured image…but you create a YouTube thumbnail in Canva (1280 x 720 px) – is there a minimum size that I should upload the featured image to WordPress? (I only intend to show feature image in Archive page, not within blog post).