Categories of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This video explains how you can design your website content and coding to ensure search engines will match your website to users’ online search criteria and rank your website content higher than others on search engine result pages.

More information on search engine optimization and other website promotion strategies can be found in Module 2 of the Consumer Education Websites Online Module Series.

Module 2: Promoting Your Consumer Education Website:
Once you build your child care consumer education website, your target audience needs to know about it so that they may use the key information and resources it provides. Using website promotion strategies is essential to increasing your website’s visibility and reaching your target audience.
This module aims to help you build your understanding of key website promotion strategies and terminology to help you communicate effectively with your website development, content management, and communications staff, contractors, and vendors to ensure they can provide the support you need to increase the visibility of your consumer education website so that your audience find your website, remember your website, and connect with your website.

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