Best Ways for Creators to Build an Email List by Randall Kanna | Gumroad

In this Creator workshop, our Head Of Community Randall Kanna talks about the process of building an email list as a creator.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:07 – Need for an Email List
00:03:52 – Finding your Target Audience
00:09:40 – Creating a Lead Magnet
00:16:14 – Key Points
00:20:14 – Right Time to Invest in Ads
00:23:46 – Choosing between a Personal and a Business Account
00:25:24 – Pricing your Products
00:28:57 – Email List Learning Resources
00:30:41 – Setting up a Gumroad Email List
00:31:11 – Choosing between a Free and a Paid Product
00:33:53 – Adding Email List Subscribers via Twitter
00:37:47 – Randall's Email List Journey
00:41:09 -Tips on Releasing a Paid Product

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