Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course 2021 – Part #2


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The first part of the video goes over WZone Insane Import Mode, WZone Direct Import, and the WZone Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool so you can add Amazon products directly to your website. It can be difficult to import products to your Amazon Affiliate Marketing website, but the WZone Plugin gives you a lot of different options.

Next, I go over how to create a privacy policy, how to create an affiliate disclaimer, how to create a contact form and more. I also show you how to create a custom homepage and all of the menus. You want to disclose that you earn commissions from Amazon Associates.

Lastly, I go over how to create a Content Marketing strategy to create and promote your content. If you consistently create content related to your niche, add products to your website, write product reviews, and write product guides, you will increase your traffic and find more success with Amazon Associates. One of the keys of Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to keep growing the number of relevant affiliate clicks you drive, which is why you need more traffic on your website and larger audiences.

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WZone Direct Import –

Amazon ASIN Grabbing Tool –

Termly –

HootSuite –

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TailwindApp –

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