Affiliate Marketing Funnel- How I Get Affiliate Sales EFFORTLESSLY


In this video, I will break down how I create a sales funnel for affiliate marketing products to dominate the leaderboards and create passive income.

Once you learn how to build a marketing funnel for one affiliate marketing product you can literally duplicate this process to any product or niche industry you want to dominate.

This takes a lot of work up front, but once you create it then you have a real asset that can generate your money 24/7/365.


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If you’re new to my channel my name is Zach Crawford.

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I quit my job back in 2012 to pursue building an online business because I knew I was Psychologically Unemployable and I wasn’t cut out to work a 9 to 5 job like everyone else.

I’ve built several six and seven-figure businesses online and my favorite business model to build passive income is Affiliate Marketing.

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**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment. If I show my results or students results understand I’m not guaranteeing in any way you will get these types of results. My results and student results are from hard work and I’m showing you results for inspiration and educational purposes.


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52 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Funnel- How I Get Affiliate Sales EFFORTLESSLY

  1. Another banger Zach. But just a question , I've known about this model for a while and I'm currently implementing it. But I'm using a funnel that introduces myself and the person that is doing the training inside of the funnel (the guy who gave me the funnel). Basically I said I'm going to send the emails and he's doing the videos (in the free video on YouTube)… I've seen that you've mentioned that you can't just say "hey I'm gonna send you to this guy you know nothing about" because it won't build trust. I feel like I did a good job introducing and telling my audience who he is and how he can help…. you think I should just go ahead and create my own training videos and do it that way ? Or just continue to use the funnel I have in place….

  2. Hello Zach, I was searching for advanced affiliate marketing strategy and suddenly this video pops up as an advertisement. I was going to skip it but saw it is nearly about 42 mins surprised!🙄🤯 I didn't skip it and let it play. Eventually download this video and Subscribed to you channel obviously after liking and hitting the notification bell. Let me tell you just one thing instead of saying "Great Video", I like your approach of telling truth and the process of explaining in details. Keep it up and thanks buddy 😍😍

  3. Hey zach i have a question that is it okay if i make my website not introuducing myself but rather have an company name and if i only have an website and pay for traffic so that means that the people will click on it???? Any help from you buddy would be great and by the way you are really one of the realest persons out there and showing us and giving such wonderful help and knowledge . I really want to thank you very much for such videos

  4. What's up Zach great stuff man. Im considering buying your program. I was just wondering how long you continue doing the 1 on 1 coaching sessions for and do you help with all aspects of the business from ad copy to sales tactics and everything else. Also I hate to be the that guy to all this question but I know for myself i will take this knowledge and run with it so let's say I run with this and after everything is set up what is a realistic time frame I can start seeing a return on my investment?

  5. Thanks for the information….if i need to buy the done for you concept, can it be done in phases? I also would like to know if you can set up a sales funnel for affiliate promotion products of any niche with just one funnel. I would love to hear about that. Also if Ecommerce products of any niche can be run by just one funnel?

  6. Hey Zach I’m thinking about joining your Clickfunnels 100 day bootcamp, but i kind of think, will I learn how to teach people how to make money with Clickfunnels even though when Im (not yet) making money with click funnels?
    Hope you understand my question.
    Best regards

  7. Yes! As a newbie what would you suggest to be the next course of action? It seems there's enough in this video to just go for it. I'm wondering about choosing the right product to market though? Can you do a video on affiliate product selection and what to look for or stay away from? Any sources deemed as reliable or trustworthy?

  8. Am I allowed to offer the bonus package when promoting other offers if I sign up to clickfunnels.

    Also what does the bonus package contain, (I’m not referring to all your bonuses, just that section on your page called bonus package),


  9. Thanks Zach, Really great stuff ! I'm in Clickfunnels too. If you're promoting Clickfunnels do you need to ad a membership page so that you can get the Bonuses to them through that and get there email into your Actionetics emails?

  10. Thank you Zach for sharing your insights. I've learnt a great deal already from you. It confirmed some things I was uncertain about.

    My question is: do Ihave to upload videos in order to replace my job income?

  11. Hey Zach. I love your affiliate funnel. But on the VSL and video on thank you page. I can learn video editing , but I am Nigerian , I think I might have issue with Nationality reputation and accent. What's your advice?

  12. Super curious… Where do you get or make the progression bars.. and your stop warning Images? I really love the way you teach… I am not looking for a quick fix, but I want so badly to succeed with my funnels.. I did start with fb ads,I got alot of page views, but not hardly any opt in's .. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

  13. @Zach Crawford Hi I like your videos. I just started a website few days ago. I want to do the right thing right from the beginning to make commissions and have a better life while helping people. I will not go into details here but My Website is About Education/Family/Kids. Can you help me ? I will be promoting lots of product and have a blog on my website. Thank you !

  14. Bro I started making websites recently and I made a electronics review blog with a youtube account. The videos haven't made any money and I have made a handful of other websites. Money is super tight ( I cant wait to get your program), but what advise do you have for me? I want to get click funnels and build a funnel for my website design service or should i make a funnel for a proven affiliate product? All I need to do is make the $100 dollars in the free 2 week trial period and I can keep it (that's the deal I had to make to my wife) formula has been difficult to afford let alone a software that according to my wife doesn't work to convert smart people. So frustrating bro!

  15. Awesome and thorough video Zach! You're right, this video is a course in itself for any self-motivated person. I got so many ideas that I can implement in my affiliate business. What angles do you like to use with physical products? I do demos and reviews that outline the benefits. Have you offered bonuses for physicals products?

  16. Great video this help me out a lot!
    One question
    What is better for free content in email? Pdf document or you just put link of, maybe weigth loss site where is writen how to loss weight fast or free weight loss plan website?
    I'm still wondering about this.
    Thanks for any info

  17. Hey, josh, anyway we can communicate , have a meeting ? I have some specific issues and right now while I’m in Ecuador I can get some things prepared before go to the FHL at the end of the month. I gues I could start with the stupid simple method , I have literally spent almost all the cash I have to go to Nashville , my home is California, I will be going there after Nashville. help! I know that once I’m comfortable i will do awesome.

  18. i am on the hotel online booking industry, how can i make bonus packages + my prospect have short client life value as they book a hotel and that's it. you can't as far as i know re-sell them something