Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Start? [Urdu/Hindi]

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0:00 Intro
0:15 What is affiliate marketing
1:54 Amazon Affiliate Program
5:20 Pro tip for Amazon Affiliate
8:03 Other affiliate programs


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100 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Start? [Urdu/Hindi]

  1. Phew! I've watched all your blog course videos in the past 2 hours. Seems like, I've comprehended all the crucial aspects related to blog writing. You are such an amazing teacher, I must say but there is one thing that I'm wondering about, that is; How can I select a niche for affiliate blogs and should I have to write copywiting content if I choose that niche?

  2. السلام علیکم بھائی مجھے ایک کنفیوژن ہے کہ جب پاکستان میں ایمازون آفیشلی طور پر کام ہی نہیں کرتا تو ہم اس کی پروڈکٹ کس کو بیچیں گے
    کیوں کہ میرے پاس تو ساری ٹریفک پاکستان کی ہے اگر میں اپنے پیج پر لوگوں کو ریمنٹ کروں کوئی بھی چیز ایمازون سے خریدنے کے لئے لیے تو ان کو وہ چیز پاکستان میں ڈلیور کون کرے گا

  3. Sir, I want to share my youtube video in my blog post but the problem is that the content of the blog post and youtube video is the same. So tell me if people have read my blog post then why people will watch my video.

  4. Bro please make videos for this subject affiliate marketing from basic to final till first earning, it will be very very much helpful because there are lot of videos about this but something always missing..

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  6. Aslam o alikum Khalil Ullah Khan Brother, first of all I appreciate you for specially about to your talking style & your way of talking , you know …… This is what I am always looking to see ….. Allah gives you more & more success in your life and also in ur career… I just stopped there and see abt ur nana muna sa face nd knowledge mashaAllah….. Lab yew brother… keep share your informative knowledge with all of us… Take care

  7. I am following your blogging course and its the best. One thing i am not clear about is niche. Should niche be about writing something for products or we can write about anything we feel interested in? ,plz reply

  8. Agar YouTubers apni referral link daltay hain toh unkay customers ko 25℅ ya 15℅ discount bhi milta, tabhi zada customers atay. Toh mere referral link per bhi mere audience ko discount mil sakhta hai kiya??????

  9. Niche or location based research kese kren? And secondly, iske lye bilkul separate blog bnana parega? I have just started a blog in marketing niche to me use convert krsakta hon? And last kia me blogger wagera pr bnalu ya wordpress wagera pr live krna parega?

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  11. Khalil, minimum kitne words ka ek keyword pe blog ho?? Aur Agr 30 blog post publish kr lye without AdSense ya affiliate marketing se like amazon earning nhi ho sakti?? Agr trafic ati he aur kuch time blogs parti he to kya us pe eaning nhi hogi??

  12. Mash'Allah My Little Bro Khalil Ap Affiliate Marketing bhi sikhainge… I'm So surprised and glad to see you teaching us about this freelancing job.. Always Shine like a Star Mash'Allah , God bless you Sooooooo much aamin 🙏💞🌹🌻✨🌼🌹☘️❇️♥️❤️