🏗️16: The New, Shocking Way to Build Your Email List (It’s Not) | Art Marketing Podcast

A to Z on building your email list – how to get your website traffic onto your list, moving that list into Facebook Ads, and a hack for getting your contacts into FB if you don't have their email addresses.

🗒 Table of Contents

02:21 – Email list building (online) version
05:25 – Email list building (offline) version
09:39 – List matching in Facebook
16:41 – All this talk of email
17:51 – Fan love

📒 Show Notes

VIDEO: How to Upload Data to Facebook Ads

05: Building Your Email List Offline with the “Fishbowl Technique”

Resource: Sample Data Spreadsheet

Why Should I Import My Email List Into Facebook?

Not convinced on pop-ups? Check out this case study.

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