Making use of TikTok or how to reach Generation Z

Manufacturers have discovered in this social network an effective method to reach their targets within an organic, fun and casual way.

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June 16, 2021 5 min read

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TikTok is the platform of the instant. With more than two billion downloads and more than 850 million active monthly users globally, this social system is home to not only content material creators, but avid supporters who are very aware about trends.

And brands have found an ideal way right there to reach their targets in an organic, fun and casual way.

It is no coincidence that during the pandemic, people turned to digital platforms, which served not just as accompaniment in the long months of uncertainty, but also as being an area for entertainment and understanding.

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According to a recent study carried out among marketers and influencers in the United States, Europe plus Latin America, the use of TikTok grew greater than 85% during the pandemic and 73% of the influencers surveyed spend from one in order to five hours a day upon this platform.

TikTok, which identifies itself as “a system that brings joy to millions” through short-form mobile video, reaches like most to that slice associated with the consumer pie that so many brands courtroom: Generation Unces. Almost a quarter (26%) of its users are between 18 and 24 years older. More than half of its users are under thirty four years old, which indicates that it also attracts millennials to a huge extent.

This age range is important because these two generations create up a large component of the consumer base around the world. In the United States, for example , Generation Z is expected to represent 40% of all consumers in the arriving years.

However, it must be borne in mind that, although appealing, if these two groups have some thing in common, it is certainly that they are almost allergic to traditional advertising , so in order to reach them you have got to speak their vocabulary and find them exactly where they are. That's where influencer marketing comes in to save the equation.

In the event that the target audience can be hooked on TikTok it can be good to ask when influencer advertising on TikTok can also bring a lot more joy, engagement and vitality to the brand.

Many manufacturers are already doing this. According to the previously mentioned study, 87. 7% from the advertisers surveyed claim to find the marketing campaigns with influencers on TikTok effective and 53. 7% plan to raise the budget allocated to campaigns with influencers on this system prior to the end of the particular year.

For a TikTok campaign to have the components which make it successful, these are usually my recommendations:

Provide room for experimentation

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70. 4% of TikTok customers prefer comedy content followed by dancing and tutorials. This may not be the traditional line of a brand, but it will be important to combine experimentation along with a well planned content material strategy to “speak the particular language” of the platform users.

Show the human side of the brand

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TikTok content is certainly designed to be ultra-fast and user-controlled. However, some brands may struggle along with this aspect of TikTok because they want to maintain tight control over their particular messages.

Before launching a campaign, I recommend getting ahead of the best and most severe scenarios and not getting afraid to show a human side of the particular brand with fresh and fun messages. Influencers perform a fundamental role within this regard.

Know the metrics

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The metrics may not be because obvious on TikTok as they are on other social media platforms, but the types to consider are sights, interactions (hearts, comments, and actions) and scope in order to evaluate the success associated with an one. Bell.

TikTok provides also started allowing customers to add profile links, which means that businesses can today drive traffic to their websites from the app plus influencers direct followers to shopping destinations.

Consider an influencer platform

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The biggest challenge we are usually seeing right now with brands could be the difficulty of executing and evaluating promotions with a number of influencers concurrently. Collecting data manually can be a daunting task, but it is important if you want in order to determine the impact a campaign is having.

Influencer advertising platforms are useful in this particular regard because they immediately collect, analyze, and present data in a digestible format, helping to focus plus plan future efforts.

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