The best way to Test and Choose the particular Best Name for the Company

April twenty-seven, 2020 6 min read

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When beta testing your own , my first tendency would be to say “Don’t. ” Be confident. Stick in order to your choice. But that is hard to do. You have likely never named a company before and can want some assurance that you aren’t totally crazy.

But some methods of getting feedback are better than others. Here is how to set upward a test for your name finalists.

Build a Deck

Using presentation software, come across a photo that’s relevant to your industry. Place the image in the background of the slide and make it darker so the word will be clearly legible when viewed in white text. The image will make the word feel more like a name and less such as a word on a screen. People must end up being able to imagine the particular name as something that will represents a company, not really just a word in writing. I’d use the same image on each slide to make sure your group is normally addressing the word plus not the image. After that create two slides for each name using two various fonts. For the initial slide, use Helvetica. Meant for the second, use Times New Roman.

Run the

Gather a small focus group. The best group can have an extensive cross-section of people. Ideally, they’d end up being potential customers, but that could be logistically difficult. The major thing would be to ensure you have a range of people, from those who else know a lot about vocabulary to those who have the fairly low literacy level. By that, I lead to people that don’t read a lot or think critically about language. (This will end up being easy because that’s the majority of people. ) This type of group will provide you valuable insight into just how very different people may respond to your potential names. One person’s “I love it! ” is someone else’s “No way. We don’t get it. ”

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Give your focus group 30 seconds along with each slide, or the total of 60 seconds for each name. Have them rate each name from one to 10. Also keep these things jot down a few initial impressions. Then go back through and inform them a few content concerning the back story in order to each name. Have all of them note down whether knowing what the name indicates makes their reaction more or less favorable. This will tell you if an origin story may help title or harm it.

Tally up the results. This information shouldn’t make the particular decision for you, but it will tell you exactly how some individuals might respond in order to your name. Here’s a word of caution through Alexandra Watkins in the girl book Hi, My Name Is Amazing : “Because language is supposed to be to all of all of us, most people feel certified to comment on it. What’s tricky is that will we’re not very great at drawing the queue since to which bits associated with linguistic comment require professional knowledge and which don’t. ” Put simply, listen in order to what people say in regards to the name, but remember that they’re not experts. Frequently people feel obligated in order to give their opinion whenever asked, even if they have no knowledge base to make that judgment.

How to Pick Only one

After eliminating some names with the above criteria and testing the remaining brands with your focus team, you should now have fewer than five names on your list. Here are a few concrete methods to narrow your list down even more and figure out which name is the best choice for you.

State Business Name Search

Go to your secretary of state’s website to see if the title is already registered in your state. There’s likely in order to be some competition designed for many names. You need to be capable to register your name with the state in order to do business there, thus the level of competitors will help you eliminate some of your choices. Making sure no other business has your exact name is essential; however, you’ll likely find names that are usually similar or that make use of some parts of your own proposed name. For illustration, you will probably find an Acme Business Solutions. That does not prohibit you from signing up Acme Pools being a company name.

In this point, you aren’t actually registering any titles. You’re simply using the state business name lookup tool to whittle lower your shortlist of brands. You’ll likely be able to eliminate one or more names because they’re too similar to another title in your state and in your industry.

Basic Market Research

Next, do some Google searches to check out for direct competitors with the same or comparable names. Try looking by geography. For example, when you wished to start an athletic shoe company within the Pacific Northwest known as (obviously not a good idea), you could search for “Nike Portland. ” Or you can search by type associated with business: “Nike Tennis shoes. ” Or “Nike jogging shoes. ”

You can do comparable searches on platforms. Sometimes international companies that you might have missed elsewhere will present up there. Again, this particular isn’t a definitive approach to picking one name. These types of simple steps will remove any obvious, glaring issues that might come upward, such as another firm by the same or similar name in the same or perhaps a related market. You won’t catch every thing with these searches, yet don’t worry—the next step can get anything you skipped.


The next step is to run your finalists through the search. You require to know if there is someone out there who all already has and can defend the name you need to use. The easiest location to do that is at the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website ( This isn’t an alternative with regard to applying for your very own trademark—at this point, you’re just looking to eliminate titles that are already branded by someone else.

In the finish, it comes down to a difficult decision. With most the criteria, care, and technique in the world, you still can’t predict whether your customers will get this, like it, or just disregard it. You can put your own best foot forward, though. And this process can be oriented toward that objective.

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