How does a chatbot help a person get to know your clients?

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Putting the consumer on the center of the business today is more than a phrase; This is a comprehensive strategy that any company that wants to turn out to be a leader in its industry must implement.

Nevertheless , knowing the customer is not really always easy: it needs constant and permanent work, as well as equipment powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as chatbots .

“More and more companies are usually understanding that chatbots possess various benefits. They are not just virtual assistants, they may be tools that contribute to business growth, since they permit us to know plus understand the purchase inspirations and the interests of shoppers based on the relationships they have with them, including the after-sales needs of their purchases ” says Gustavo Parés, CEO of the Mexican company specialized within Artificial Intelligence , NDS Cognitive Labs .

Furthermore, “the value associated with chatbots is that the information they receive is ‘first-hand'; that is in order to say, they are attained specifically from the market that each company attacks and from their own clients, which is incredibly useful, since understanding exactly what the consumer is inquiring for is the 1st step to renew alone ”, he adds.

According in order to NDS Cognitive Labs , AI-powered chatbots are capable of:

  • Interact with customers because of its Natural Language Digesting (NLP) feature
  • Store and translate these interactions
  • Provide the solutions how the client demands

A chatbot is a full tool, not only for companies to have a vision of the problems or even improvements requested by consumers, but also because they are usually the means to perform these changes and get satisfied customers who are loyal to the brand.

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Happy customers are faithful customers

For most companies, obtaining new customers is challenging and can involve a great investment, so some businesses go for long-term commercial methods, such as loyalty, since it also generates more income for the business.

According to the report Chatbots: The Definitive Information 2020 , by Artificial Solutions, chatbots that will achieve a loyalty of 2% of the consumer base, make each buy ticket is on normal 60% higher, thanks in order to personalized purchase suggestions, but they also enhance the user experience and thus faithful customers buy with the frequency of up in order to 90% compared to regular consumers.

In addition, consumers who all are satisfied with a brand tend to become brand ambassadors, which is exactly why they usually refer new buyers, either directly or by leaving a favorable review about the company on social media.

New tools for new challenges

The current market entails challenges for companies and facing them in record time is vital to ensure the proper functioning of the business.

Based on the ebook Transform your business along with AI chatbots , written by Ricardo plus Gustavo Parés, chatbots create a high degree of customer satisfaction, since “it improves when folks solve problems a lot more quickly as they find the right product., buy it and receive information upon its shipping status ”, and receive assistance all through the purchase process, the particular text says.

The construction of an operating model that will integrates customer service, concern resolution, purchase assistance, information analysis and interpretation, and after-sales service, that is certainly a chatbot. Because of this, they are revolutionizing the method of doing business, since they provide an important competitive advantage: they can satisfy customers individually and not by segments. This allows companies approach each customer in a personalized way, provide them with the specific attention they demand, make purchase suggestions based on their interests plus even anticipate their needs.

Chatbots that achieve a commitment of 2% of the particular customer base / Picture: Depositphotos. com

Your customers want to be noticed

Consumers are becoming a lot more demanding and demand that companies pay greater interest to improving the buying experience. In fact, the third edition of the Salesforce State of Service report information that 67% of consumers globally say their specifications for your shopping experience are greater than ever.

The consequence of this is that companies that do not adapt to these new requests could be losing customers. The same report adds that for 76% of shoppers switching from one particular brand to another is usually much easier today.

“In this kind of aggressive environment, companies must wager on strategies that allow them to get to know their customers plus work to satisfy their needs. And although chatbots are usually a key tool in this process, the execution of these agents need to be accompanied by an positioning on the part of the task teams, as very well as the openness of the leaders to revise their own strategy, as indicated from the data produced. by AI ”, adds Parés.

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