5 Ways to Give a Virtual Presentation That Blows People Away

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Prior to Covid, speaking was all about reading your audience . Whether you were presenting an intracompany talk or a conference keynote it was crucial to observe how your content was being received in real-time and if needed, shift gears to ensure your audience was both informed and engaged. However, over a year into the pandemic as most presentations have moved online, “reading the room” can no longer become the barometer for determining the achievements of your delivery. Below are some guidelines to help guide you through presenting in a post-pandemic world.  

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1. Be theatrical

While it is always important to be authentic when presenting, a virtual presentation is akin to a stage performance. Your “stage” has become a small virtual box. Consequently , your energy level, as well as your gestures, should be more pronounced than they normally would be in case you were delivering the presentation in person. Virtual fatigue is real, and this will help to maintain your audience alert and engaged.

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2 . Bring the fun

Think about what you can do that will be visually stimulating to your audience. This may include things like wearing bright colors, having a fun background, or even having props. If you give presentations to the same audience on an ongoing basis, consider how you can change it up. One idea is to change your background or props based on the seasons or upcoming holidays. You may also tell your attendees about a theme for an upcoming session like the 1960s. You can encourage attendees to post a photo of their best 1960s look to social media with a dedicated hashtag to generate buzz. You can even have a prize for the attendee that posts the best ensemble.  

3. Be informal

The absolute most sought-after speakers are not just subject matter experts now. They're those that can deliver personality . Even though it is mainly one-sided, as a speaker you want to be as conversational as you can be. This is not the time tone down your personality faculties but rather to amplify them to maintain interest.

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4. Say less

Even before Covid, the attention span of people is short. Your lecture-style delivery should be short as well. Do not talk without interaction for longer than 15-20 minutes before having a scheduled question or activity. Not merely will people tune you out but often you might be competing with other distractions and obligations  they have in the home as well.

5. Don't leave some attendees behind

As there are more options moving forward for hybrid presentations, attendees may have the option to attend personally or to attend virtually. If your attendees are split, make sure you are acknowledging  and interacting with those that are not there live and in person as well. For example, during Q & A make sure you take questions from both the live audience and the virtual audience so that neither segment feels left out.  

Finally, take to look at the opportunity. If you dreaded giving presentations before Covid, it may seem less stressful to do so on a virtual platform where attendees are perhaps not looking at you personally. It can be a positive to use the full time to hone your confidence and your message. And you can do it all in your sweatpants!  

Jennifer may be the founder and CEO of Purposeful Networking . Her expertise is in strategic networking, communications, public speaking, and workplace relations. She is also a TEDx speaker who does motivational speaking on resilience and change. You can follow Jennifer at @areyounetworked or visit her web site https://www.purposefulnetworking.com/ .

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