5 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas designed for Bootstrapped Startups

July 13, 2021 5 minutes read

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Many online companies (like ours) don't possess outside investors. We have got chosen to self-fund our own business, which has the pros and cons. While we are maintaining  control (a great thing), one of the biggest challenges will be funding marketing, which as we all know, is essential to grow. The good news is that generally there are many scrappy advertising tactics and channels a person can deploy to build momentum without spending your hard-earned cash.

Listed below are five  tips that coming from used over the previous year that have worked with regard to us.

one.   Podcasts

There are always pod-casts searching for guests to talk on  every topic below the sun. We possess been on over seventy five podcasts in the past year, covering a range of topics:   feminine founders, marketing, startup life, DTC, clean beauty, mompreneurs and more. Find your own parts of expertise (everyone provides them), then you may pitch yourself.

There are a number of “Find a Visitor, Be a Guest” podcast groups on Facebook, which includes one I like by Poddit that you can join. From there, you are able to browse through the “asks” and apply to pod-casts that are highly relevant to a person. The beauty of podcasts is that the majority do not charge anything to be the guest;   these are evergreen, and most of the particular time, you get to tell the holistic story about your journey and your business. Plus, an extra bonus is the fact that you'll have content you can share out there and repurpose.

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second .   Partnerships

  Another great way to grow your customer base and audience is to partner with like-minded brands. All of us have had a lot of success in locating new customers by joining up with brands that reveal our values.   For all of us, that tends to be indie clean beauty, fashion and jewelry brands who care about sustainability, diversity  and quality.

From giveaways to gift with purchases to creating content material together (like blogs, IG Live or video interviews),   there's a load you can do to promote each other. Plus chances are if your own customers the brand, these people may like an associated brand with similar ideals. The key is in order to make sure everybody is in-line on the requirements for every brand so no one brand feels like this contributed a lot more than another.  

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3.   Blogs

  Creating a blog area on your website can sort out a number of factors. First, it could drive traffic to your site (assuming you have baked in some SEO). Second, this can make you an authority in your area of expertise or industry. And third, blogs provide  a place to tell a deeper story. We often blog about our interviews with other founders, but we all also use our blog to teach around Mekabu, our hero ingredient, share curly hair tips, talk about thoroughly clean beauty and much more. This gives you another opportuity in order to share out content   and you can pull out quotes or soundbites for social media so you're not always reinventing the wheel.

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4.   Livestreaming

  We have been active upon a number of livestreaming platforms including talkshoplive , Shop LIT Live and Spin . Most of the platforms are totally free to join and can have a portion of revenue from sales, making it a very low danger proposition for brands. In case you sell a product, these platforms provide an excellent place that you should share your story within an engaging way (video) and also to get innovative. You'll need to end up being comfortable on camera and get your story down, but the great these types of platforms is that a person can do most of all of them regularly (every week in the event that you want), so you will discover yourself getting into a groove pretty easily plus determining what works intended for you. The  key is certainly to have good lights (a ring light) plus an engaging  set up.

5.   Social media 

Naturally , we can't ignore the power of social media. Much of the above mentioned content can be disseminated via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok plus even LinkedIn. Actively operating to create engaging articles will help grow your own audience organically (although this takes effort and time), so you shouldn't have to pay for followers. Additionally, you will have higher quality and more engaged followers this way.   Ultimately, if you can cut down some of your own longer form content directly into soundbites, you'll have a lot for social   the majority of it free.

We have been very opportunistic about taking photos associated with our products in interesting spaces (and most often have a set of products along with us just in case), which enables us in order to get beautiful imagery with out needing to hire  the photographer. Of course, generally there are times when the professional photographer is a lot better, but for the lot of the “blocking and tackling” content, you can get ways to get the imagery that are needed (and don't forget about sites such as Unsplash where you can download royalty-free photography).

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So eventually, in order to get momentum without money, you'll have to be a little bit more hands-on and disciplined, but it's actually quite doable. And you'll find that often times, the different tactics  feed off each other, so it gets easier over time.  

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