4‌ ‌Lessons‌ ‌Nonfiction‌ ‌Writers‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Learn‌ ‌from‌ ‌Matthew‌ ‌McConaughey’s‌ ‌Book‌ ‌ ‘Greenlights’‌

June 9, 2021 five min read

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I actually just finished reading Matthew McConaughey ‘s autobiographical book  Greenlights ,   and it has quickly discovered its way onto the “Best Books Ever Read” shelf.  

Here's what all nonfiction writers can take away from his book.  

one Exercise your craft

Matthew McConaughey is really a long lasting, experienced writer (a reality I did not know), and this came out clearly in the prose. Ideal is something learned through years of practice.  

A typical reason new business authors struggle to write plus eventually  hire the ghostwriter   is certainly that they simply haven’t put in the time to  learn the particular craft of writing .  

McConaughey wrote poetry as the boy and then began writing short stories. It was this proclivity for telling tales that led your pet, ultimately, to a job in Hollywood.  

But he was first an author.  

If you want to write a top-quality nonfiction book, getting writing experience is important. Start small should you be new to writing. Write blogs, contribute to online magazines  or just spend 30  a few minutes writing for your very own pleasure before or after work.  

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2. Know your own voice

Those who have watched McConaughey’s movies or seen him give the speech knows he offers an extremely unique voice. By “voice, ” I  mean   his  way   of speaking — his slang, colloquialisms, word structure and general mindset.

I’ve often loved his style, and am was pleased as punch when it came across therefore clearly in his guide.  

Whether you’re working with a ghostwriter or writing your book alone, getting  your   unique tone of voice to come across within your manuscript is essential in order to making your book authentic and entertaining.  

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3. Be creative and  have fun. Writing is art.  

McConaughey’s book is written in a  narrative nonfiction  style, each scene creating in the previous one with  some extent of a tale arc in position. There is definitely tension, strong emotion, outstanding suspense and mystery, plus all the good squash you subconsciously learn whenever you’re exposed to the lot of good stories in your life.  

But McConaughey added a creative twist, which usually I thought was genius: Between chapters, he throws in self-created “prescriptions, ” “bumper stickers” and “notes to self. ” These types of prescriptions, bumper stickers  plus notes to self variety from the absurd to the hilarious to the particular deeply philosophical. They are an artistically pleasing literary gadget that recall an device, but McConaughey gives this an unique twist.  

This creative touch helped  keep the interest throughout the tale, making me want to keep reading for to the next prescription, fender sticker or note to self!  

The lesson here will be that writing  will be   an  artistic   exercise. And writers of business books and nonfiction can increase the emotional influence of their books simply by producing something aesthetically satisfying.  

Obtain creative when writing your nonfiction book. Add elements that are uniquely  a person   and  create people sit up, pay out attention  and keep reading.    

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4. Tell an amazing story

And then there’s the reality that McConaughey’s life can be a wild romp associated with adventure, filled with more daring feats and stories than  many people would  encounter in several lifetimes. From floating on his back on the Amazon Riv to fighting (and attaining the respect of) a local African wrestling champion, to slumming it in sundry trailer parks for years to remain true, McConaughey’s life naturally consists of all the elements of a thrilling read.  

Many of us simple mortals cannot boast such an exciting life, but that doesn’t mean our own books have to be boring.  

Exciting stories can become written in a humdrum manner just as “boring” stories can be written thrillingly.  

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There are multiple ways in order to make an inherently slower story more exciting. A single way is to include anecdotes of others. One more way is to add suspense to the writing simply by making the outcome uncertain.  

Your book’s target market furthermore has something to perform with it. What 1 demographic considers thrilling may not be considered fascinating by another. A TOP DOG might consider the times and weeks before a merger some of the tensest times of his or her life! Yet an employee lower down upon the chain probably wouldn’t be too thrilled in order to read about this in a book.  

By just writing regarding what your market thinks thrilling, you can create an exciting book for  them , plus so  keep them reading . A book that is never read through is as useful like a book that had been never written.  

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